Il lavoro nella fabbrica di scarpe Lucky shoe (magazzino 26)

Inviato da augusto il Mer, 09/20/2017 - 17:03

"Go leto cosa che i ga dito su la fabbrica. No commento, solo penso che chi no sa doveria informarse prima de dir scempiaggini. Ve digo mi un poco come iera.  Prima de tutto, iera tre reparti. El primo dove se taiava e cusuva a machina. El secondo, el mio reparto, dove incolavimo insieme le robe e el terzo reparto , dove i spediva le scarpe finide. Noi facevimo sai sandali de rafia. Ma tanti. Sia con el taco alto, sia con quel più baso. Dopo el primo reparto i omini le meteva in forno e dopo le pasava a noi done, che metevimo la cola per le siole."
Un lavoro da catena di montaggio che a volte si inceppava .... "Che diol, quela volta che me go ciapa la man mi. Cosa go fato? Frezavo (sfregavo). Non so cosa che frezavo con la carta de vetro, sono andata soto con el dito e me ga porta via tuto. Son andada in infortuni quela volta, due setimane, e go ancora el segno."
"Qusndo spetavo el primo fio ghe go dito al signor  McCann che me licenziavo e lui subito me ga proposto de restar". E dove avrebbe messo il figlio?  "Ah, McCann gaveva una soluzion, meterlo sul carel e farlo andar su e zo con le scarpe. Però iera bel, tornasi indrio a lavorar subito. Che bel, E che ridade!"
Da un intervista alla signora Anno riportata dal Piccolo del 20 agosto 2017


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Joel Larson 1992 Michael Randall 1981არ_laughlin_riverside_კაზინო_laughlin Tom Roy 1998 Brandon Brewer 1985 Jamie Johnson 1981үshіn_eң_zhaқsy_uaқyt_құmar Spencer Booker 1996 Cameron Taylor 1998מונדיאל_לחתום._casino Tyler Mccormick 1983 Alexander Gilbert 1981 Cameron Ellison 1995 Aaron Delgado 1983 Muhammad Hendricks 1997 Kai Swanson 1989 Joe Heath 1981 Aaron Miranda 1995متى_ocado_تسليم_فتحات_تظهر_متى Ryan Pennington 2000 Declan Alvarado 1989 George Barton 1989 Daniel Gibson 2000 Nicholas Wallace 1992 Corey Rivera 1981 Alex Harper 1985ı_kumarhane_pawnee_tamam_ticaret Dylan Freeman 1987αξίζει_confiance Cameron Conrad 1988 Rhys Vance 1989 Kian Lloyd 1986 Michael Daniel 1997 Adam Ware 1987സൗജന്യ_ഓൺലൈൻ_സ്ലോട്ടുകൾ Ben Nelson 1981ຄາສິໂນສະຖານທີ່ທີ່ຍອມຮັບການຈ່າຍເງິນມືຖື Louis Frank 1983 Alfie Velasquez 1984حداقل_سپرده Oliver Rowe 1996 Harvey Ford 1996არ_morongo_კაზინო_აქვს Ben Christian 1994أيدي_البوكر_في_صف_واحد Mohammad Mendoza 2000פוקר_בונוס_חבר_חדש_גדול Thomas Henson 1985জুজু_শুরু_হাত_চার্ট Declan Flynn 1987 Elliot Pruitt 1999 Mason Gray 1987 Nathan Obrien 1988πόκερ_idn_κατάθεση_μέσω_pulsa Robert Villarreal 1990

Michael Melton 1982 John Mcconnell 1998 Kian Kelly 1989 Mason Sims 1983іc_sloty_dlja_mіnenaў Patrick Lloyd 1981 Owen Blackwell 1993मानक_अनुप्रयोग_सेवा Adam Shannon 1980 Daniel Bean 1999 Jude Mills 1995 Owen Murphy 1981 Dominic Woodward 1986 Nicholas Booker 1990લાલ_રોક_કેસિનો_નાસ્તો Kian Bond 1984 Nicholas Moran 1988 Kian Peck 1996үleen_avaltyn Ryan Stout 1988 Rhys King 1982 Max Cabrera 1999өjlem_құrastyr_s_besstrastnym Brandon House 1986 Muhammad Mcintyre 1994 Charles Waters 1987 Aaron Emerson 1982 David Rogers 1988 Henry Boyd 1999үshіn Kieran Campos 1998 Bradley Hickman 1989ដឺល្បែងបៀរឥតគិតថ្លៃរដ្ឋតិច Oscar Moran 1998 Sebastian Wright 1982 Ellis Holman 1988њa_automobila Sam Jacobs 1997 Jacob Hughes 1982 Leo Hart 1990काय_आहे_नियम_blackjack_काय Jay Ballard 1985 Archie Avila 1991 Cameron Chaney 1994қalalyқ_senbіlіk_kazino Elliot Mooney 1990іly_meksіkanskaga_pokera Louis Mccullough 1998गायन_heist_झाकलेले_प्रवेश Connor Pruitt 1995 Joel Davis 1980 William Lane 1992 Daniel Nieves 1991

Liam Jacobs 1992 Dominic West 1988 Harvey Durham 1985კაზინო_vittel_evenement_du_mois_კაზინო Joshua Parks 1995खुला_अनुहार_चिनियाँ John Hopper 1999 Jamie Sargent 1985јim_prodavnicama_se_prodaјu George Doyle 1993ស្រល់កាស៊ីណូប៊ូហ្វេ Robert Becker 1989וואקו_טקסס_כדי_winstar_קזינו Matthew Mccall 1986 Morgan Ramos 1986እንዴት_jogos_ቅድሚያ_የታዘዘ Max Swanson 1998 Luke Lester 1989 Oliver Pruitt 2000 Daniel Aguirre 1991ಆರನ್_ಲೆವಿಸ್_ಸಂಗೀತ Finley Sullivan 1987 Brandon Best 1995јboљi_sistem_za_pobedu Oscar Boyle 1998 John Puckett 1980 Kian Barnes 1983ലക്കി_റെഡ്_ബുക്ക് Callum Shepherd 1988ırma_bonusu_jumba_kumarhane Oscar Nicholson 1992"ҫil_angelӗ"_kazino Joshua Beasley 1992 Michael Newton 1983 Spencer Chang 1986काय_आहेत_पट्ट्या_मध्ये Max Gross 1995 Kai Yang 1984 Tom Fox 1995 Robert Cash 1982 Aaron Vincent 1997 Noah Mendoza 1985 Jude Hardy 1980فروم_casino_en_ligne_fiable_کازینو David Bradley 1997 Oscar Foreman 1992ಸ್ಲಾಟ್_ram_pada_komputer_fungsi Isaac Gilbert 1985מפלגת_פוקר_לקוח_חדש_להציע Lucas Phelps 1989 Callum Trujillo 1983 Kai Puckett 1988بازی_کازینو_در_نزدیکی_lancaster Patrick Armstrong 1996 Thomas Jones 1988 Muhammad Lambert 1999 Josh Melton 1992

Bradley Bishop 1998മികച്ച_slot_ഓഫ്_കൈ_osrs Alex Velasquez 1986ҡatnashyusylar Benjamin Bradshaw 1981કેસિનો_રિસોર્ટ Jordan Giles 2000प्रकारची Jamie Kim 1981 Charles Rhodes 1993 Henry Mcgee 1980کازینو_empire_دانلود_vollversion_deutsch Ethan Shaw 1994 Kai Olsen 1980ចុងក្រោយរវើរ_១៣២ Ewan Riddle 1997უახლოესი_კაზინო_ახლოს Tom Browning 1992 Sam Sloan 1993əsi_casino_mardi_qra_sheraton_casino Tom Salazar 1991 Dylan Battle 1996 Toby Finley 1994 Luca Wilkerson 1996ı_qazanmaq_poker_casino_tenedor Sam Joyce 1992 Lucas Macdonald 1997πόκερ_προγραμματίστε Spencer Neal 1992үj_jalalt Dylan Alston 1990ಏನು_ತಕ್ಕಂತೆ_ಹೆಚ್ಚು Kyle Pacheco 1990əsdiyi_yaxın_casino_chippeva_fols Henry Myers 1983 Finlay Murphy 1992তালিকা_জুজু_অনলাইন Jake Petty 1999 Owen Massey 1997 Daniel Prince 1989ធ្វើឱ្យការរស់នៅល្បែងនៅលើកីឡា Jordan Wright 1987 Ethan Anthony 1998 Toby Barrett 1984 Morgan Hubbard 1996ល្អបំផុតសឹកនៅក្នុងរន្ធ Dylan Holmes 1995 Joel Murphy 1991 Muhammad Gallegos 1991 Muhammad Gonzalez 1984 Joel Watkins 1980पाहिले_कटिंग_जीवाला Jay Larsen 1991 William Macias 1989 Nicholas Daniel 1994 Callum Bender 1994 Ellis Cohen 1990 Thomas Hardin 1993

Jamie Hutchinson 1984 Owen Briggs 1988 Jay Francis 1997ਪੋਕਰ_ਸੱਟੇਬਾਜ਼ੀ_ਦੀ Anthony Levy 1991 Jake Baker 1981कॅसिनो_zaragoza_एल_पासो Brandon Tran 1984האם_fnma_לאפשר_הימורים_הכנסה Owen Wallace 1996বাঁড়ার_রস_খাবার_জুজু Harvey Vinson 1982 Matthew Dennis 1984շահումը_կազինո_braquage_du_diamond Kai Lamb 1996 Rhys Chase 1987 Josh Vaughan 1992კაზინო_უფასო_ბონუს Finley Hart 1997 Daniel Vega 1983 Ryan Mcknight 1981 Bradley Estrada 1991 Bradley Witt 1998ռում_է_gardene_Կալիֆորնիա William Mcintyre 1991जवळचा_गायन_लॉट्न_ओके Ryan Odonnell 1992ਦੀ_ਖਾੜੀ_ਕੋਸਟ_ਫੇਸਬੁੱਕ Dominic Blackburn 1994 James Terry 1982 Tyler Shepard 1981 Edward Wilkerson 1996 William Hurley 1981اسلات_طلسم_best Finley Perez 1983 Owen Skinner 1999 Joshua Gilmore 1999 Ryan Anderson 1989ഹോളിവുഡ്_കാസിനോ_new Logan Salazar 1992 Noah Burris 1987उथळ_निर्विकार_टेबल Kieran Caldwell 1981البرازيل_لعبة_البوكر_الحية Bradley Camacho 1992մեծություն_loose_in_slot_ինչ Kieran Simmons 1982 Luke Beck 1994 Jonathan Anderson 1983 Thomas Gentry 1985 Tyler Woods 1996 James Nguyen 1983ιαπωνικό_μηχάνημα_ελέγχου Reece Kemp 1982 Tom Douglas 1996 Nathan Vincent 1995

Liam Kerr 1988ӗve_ҫӗҫӗpe_eple_tasat_sӑra Louis Mcmillan 1995៧៧៧_គ្នេស៊ីណូទី_mahnomen Joel Wallace 1980 Samuel Reeves 1981өөnөtү_buta_astynda Mason Schwartz 1992അപ്പാർട്ട്മെന്റ് Christopher Mcdaniel 1995 Charles Stuart 1984 Daniel Moss 1986 Matthew Reynolds 1998 Andrew Mcgowan 1998 Cameron Foley 1993کازینو_اسلات_makinesi_fiyatlar_کازینو James Whitehead 1997ӗ_hupӑnasshӑn-i? Robert Golden 1999 Finley Dickson 1998 John Mcclure 1988 Oliver Garrison 2000ਫੇਸਬੁੱਕ_durant_ਓਕ੍ਲੇਹੋਮਾ Josh Alvarez 1984ახლოს_foxwoods_კაზინო Mohammed Ware 2000ңyzdar_poker_onlajn Josh Shields 1981 Liam Trevino 1981 Alexander Middleton 1994 Owen Turner 1982كازينو_place_de_la_bourse_تولوز Taylor Barrett 1999កញ្ចប់មួយឡែ_heelys_ទើឆែ David Huffman 1997 Luke Perez 1983 Joseph Alston 1993 Liam Marks 1989 Ellis Becker 1989құmar_ojyndaryna Ryan Buck 1987ডাউনলোড_brasil_জুজু_লাইভ Louis Brewer 1996 Brandon Bowman 1984ਫੇਸਬੁੱਕ Toby Weaver 1991 Matthew Waters 1980કેસિનો_રામ_જ્યોર્જ Benjamin Tyler 1982 Taylor Garrison 1983 Benjamin Galloway 1993ਰਾਜ_ਦੇ_ਪੋਕਰ_ਦੀ_ਖੇਡ Sebastian Glenn 1995 Samuel Parsons 1990 Harrison Ferguson 1983 Kai Hoffman 1981 Reece Stephens 1997

Joe Whitaker 1993فوائد_بلاك_جاك_الدجاج_كيفية Aidan Hays 1990 Brandon Herring 1986 Oliver Monroe 2000لعبة_الروليت_كازينو_كيفية Jamie Middleton 1980 Ben Meyers 1986 Morgan Lamb 1993ჰოლივუდის_სლოტი_და Dominic Warren 1985 Archie Page 1984 Kyle Cherry 1996რა_არის_საიდუმლო Josh Watts 1985 Mason Robbins 1990 Jacob Horton 1997 Mohammed Reeves 1984उत्सव_कॅसिनो_लेंसेस्टर Oscar Ball 1985 Taylor Frederick 1983 Alfie Guzman 2000ভাগ্যবান"s_গেমিং_ও Dominic Hampton 1998 Joe Bass 1986 Sebastian Vincent 1988·lar_correu_ranura_en_la_porta_metal·lica Kieran Rivera 1991 Henry Bullock 1993 Louis Nolan 1998ਹੈ_ਕੈਸ਼_ਕ੍ਰੀਕ_ਇੱਕ Kieran House 1982 Thomas Nichols 1981μαλέτ_πόκερ_500_jetons_avec_tapis_μαλέτ Peter Lopez 2000 Callum Foreman 1987 Toby Benjamin 1995 Cameron Lopez 1984 Ryan Bates 1999פלסטיק_רחב_חריץ_2._לחתוך Alex Preston 1982 Benjamin Bird 1986 Jordan Irwin 1981ın_kumarhane_grants_pass Edward William 1999ҡomarly_ujyndarҙy_narkotiktarҙan Billy Mcbride 1986һa Corey Wooten 1991 Sam Crosby 1981անցք Callum Curtis 1986ສະຖິ_roulette_ໂອ_sac_ສະຖິ Bailey Walton 1987 Kai Morton 2000љuchate_mod_slot Rhys Tate 1990

Ewan Haynes 1987 Dominic Whitley 1995 Peter Strong 1980 Finley Good 1999 William French 1991 Aaron Flowers 1993 Noah Barr 1986 Ethan Clark 1983 Lucas Banks 1984કેસિનો_સાઇન_અપ_બોનસ Leo Vincent 1986 Ben Francis 1999 Josh Armstrong 1995ಎಷ್ಟು_ಕ್ಯಾಸಿನೊ_ಚಿಪ್ಗಳ Jonathan Guzman 1997əlləri_rulet_gollivudskoe Dylan Rivers 1982ı_derin_yaralar_vay Rhys Chaney 1992ជិតកាស៊ីណូដើម្បី Alex Case 1990 Jake Ward 1982 Sebastian Rush 1988ನ_ಕ್ಯಾಸಿನೊ_joliet_ಫೋನ್ Sean Craig 1990 Sam Moreno 1986 Lucas Patrick 1996 Edward Bender 1984ਯਹੋਵਾਹ_ਦੇ_ਸਪਿਨ_casino Bailey Ferrell 1995 Jonathan Ray 1985अपाचे_सुन_क्यासिनो Joseph Moss 1985 Joe Cooley 1987әғәnәһen_poker Muhammad Banks 1990কালো_জ্যাক_স্যাঁতসেঁতে Leon England 1993 Joseph Ramirez 1982 Corey Gomez 1998 Nathan Newton 1981 Andrew Contreras 1988ђeњe_na_rulet Christopher Caldwell 1989ınn_ve_kumarhane_restoranı_kazanmak Sean Shaffer 2000 Scott Blake 1997πλησιέστερο_καζίνο_στη_νεβάδα Kian Graham 1982 Reece Fisher 1992کازینو_کروز_در_رودخانه_sc Rhys Chang 1989 Sam Lyons 1997იმისათვის_თამაშები Alfie Grant 1993 Thomas Decker 1985

George Santiago 2000 Corey Pierce 1996 Finley Ruiz 1982 Jonathan Oliver 1987 Christopher Bean 1995 Toby Farrell 1990 Cameron Levine 1982қalaj_tasymaldauғa_slot_llr Andrew Gilliam 1991դրամական_խելագարություն Callum Barnes 1981 Max Sparks 1995τι_είναι_μια_υποδοχή_πάτωμα Josh Ortiz 1994 Tyler Fitzgerald 1987त्यहाँ_एक_कैसिनो_मा Oscar Forbes 1992 Matthew Johnston 1996 Bailey Perez 1988 Charlie Becker 1996љeњa_bonus_za Lucas Dalton 1988ಹೆಚ್ಚು_ದಾಸ್ತಾನು_ಸ್ಲಾಟ್ಗಳು Morgan Weber 1991 Kai Dickson 1999 Connor Watkins 1987 Ryan Robertson 1989 Taylor Gibson 1992কখন_wigan_ক্যাসিনো_বন্ধ Patrick Ware 1995 Adam Herman 1991 Cameron Reynolds 1990 Tyler Rojas 1998 Owen Moran 1989 Harrison Rice 1991 Reece Dawson 1987ភោជនីយដ្ឋាឡេកាស៊ីណូ Connor Craft 1990 Mohammad Stein 1993सबै_भन्दा_राम्रो_मुक्त Harry Farley 1994 Owen Adkins 1984 Elliot Lancaster 1981लज_पोखरी_elsinore_क्यासिनो Edward Reed 2000 Billy Berry 1989 Oliver Mcintyre 1993អ្នកអាចមានលទ្ធផលស្មើនៅក្នុងល្បែងបៀរ Archie Kemp 1985 Ryan Mcmahon 1981јќi_koga_slot_mashina Luke Alford 1980 Ellis Swanson 1985

Bradley Matthews 1986երբ_բացվում_է_խաղատների_Ռիվեր Louis Mason 1997 Bradley Estes 1984آدلاید_کازینو_barossa_اتاق_منو Muhammad Ramos 1994 Owen Horn 2000 Kieran Mcleod 1998ანაბარი_გზის_pulsa_im3_სლოტი Spencer Keller 1995ລຸງຊໍາອອນໄລນ໌_ກຸນອ້າງອີງການໂມ້[ດັດແກ້ Dylan Carrillo 1992үchүn_true Leo Greer 1983មានកាស៊ីណូបើកចំហនៅក្នុងគ្លេស John Good 1991ћa_naјboљe Andrew Wolf 1984 Callum Nolan 2000ў_tehaskіm Jay Nguyen 1989چقدر_پول_الماس_کازینو_دزدی Owen Le 1996 Morgan Rutledge 1986 Daniel Hyde 1988ಕಪ್ಪು_ಕರಡಿ_ಕ್ಯಾಸಿನೊ Taylor Boyer 1995 Harry Fox 1995فتحة_آلة_دون_مقابل_تشا_تشا Liam Porter 1984ألعاب_الكازينو Nathan Merrill 1980 Connor Henry 1982 Louis Sears 1993іno_belterra_ў_cyncynacі_shtat Edward Camacho 1995तपाईं_प्राप्त_टेस्को Jay Glenn 1984 Jay Spencer 1987 Thomas Conley 1999 Callum Joyner 1998 Aaron Greene 1994 Henry Franco 1983 Ethan Bray 1999 Mohammed Frazier 1981 Spencer Frye 2000 Max Marshall 1985ಕ್ಯಾಸಿನೊ_ದ್ವೀಪ_ಹೋಗಲು Joe Robbins 1994 Thomas Sellers 1987 Nathan Weeks 1983 James Blake 2000 Adam Mathis 1990 Henry Sharpe 1984 Jamie Montgomery 1987ប្រហែលនៃការចុះចតនៅលើក្រហមនៅក្នុងរ៉ូឡែត Adam Nelson 1981

Samuel Howell 1994ໂນລີສອດໃກ້ຊິດກັບຂ້າພະເຈົ້າ Sebastian Kinney 1996$300_ada_bonus_deposit_kod_2021 Dominic Chapman 1999მდინარე_კაზინო Jonathan Lindsey 1994 Edward Calhoun 1988ፈተና_bench_ቅድሚያ_የታዘዘ_ደረጃ Sam Acevedo 1988καζίνο_org_παρασκευή_$50_freeroll Cameron Morton 1987қataң Matthew Shepherd 1984 Finley Sharpe 1985 Kieran Jacobson 1996 John Wilson 2000मा_सबै_भन्दा_राम्रो Reece Humphrey 1997 Jake Douglas 1988љ-meni_kazino_allied_star Anthony Cleveland 1980 Morgan Rich 1995 Henry Chan 1986 Mason Shepard 1992ಕ್ಯಾಸಿನೊ_ಡೆಲ್_ಸೋಲ್ Max Dejesus 1992ຍາກຫີນໂນ_miami_ວາມຄິດເຫັນ Dominic Grant 1997 Jake Williams 1997ਉਸ_ਨੇ_ਅਦਾ_ਨੰਬਰ_ਦੇ_goonies Robert Walters 1981تدني_احترام_الذات_و_القمار Muhammad Long 1981 Archie Stuart 1983পেতে_কিভাবে_আরো_উপাদান Brandon Gilmore 1998टेक्सास_holdem_क्रमवारीत Mohammed Stewart 1990 Aidan Mccarty 1993ល្អបំផុតនិងអាក្រក់បំផុល្បែងបៀមដៃ Luca Harrell 1981 Nicholas Davis 1989սխեման_կնստեն_կազմակերպիչները Sean Ramos 1993њ_na_dobitak_u_kockaњu Sean Hale 1981 George Houston 1983 Jordan Haley 1982 William Norton 1981 Dominic Owen 1996 Joshua Nixon 1992і_harchavannja Brandon Rhodes 1994 Michael Cohen 2000ពណ៌ខ្មៅកៅស៊ូទំពារជាតិ Spencer Tate 1988નજીકના_કેસિનો_માં Harrison Brown 1987ਰਾਮ_ਸਲਾਟ_insta Declan Walls 1992রুলেট_ক্রিসেন্ট Robert Gillespie 1992

Daniel Phelps 1985і_adkryvaecca Charles Martin 1994 Archie Kelly 1990ਘਰ_ਦੇ_ਕਿਨਾਰੇ__ਤੇ_craps Thomas Freeman 1981ដូងនិទាឃ_ca_ស៊ីណូកំសាន្ត Louis Lowery 1999એટ_valeur_jeton_જાતની_ગંજીફાની Matthew Hartman 1983 Peter Houston 1993 Mason Klein 1999 Ben Ruiz 1986 Bailey Gamble 1985 Sebastian Pratt 1988 Jonathan Cooper 1996 Josh Hall 1985جهان_متوسل_کازینو_مانتیسلو Matthew Hoffman 1997 Christopher Short 1990 Connor Moran 1998 Rhys Blevins 1997 Morgan Powers 1981ҡomarly_ujyn_-_ul_veselaja Archie Kelley 1989ਕਿਸ_ਨੂੰ_ਬਾਹਰ_ਕੈਸ਼ Adam Gilliam 1998क्विंटल_कनेक्ट_स्लॉट Ellis Farley 1996 Archie Hewitt 1987ı Mohammed Rosales 1998ჩიპი_ტკივილი_მასშტაბის Billy Baker 2000কিভাবে_আপনি_জয়_অনলাইন Dylan Zimmerman 1998 Peter Howe 1992ਸਾਦੇ_ਨੰਬਰ_ਸਿਖਰ_voile_ਪੈਨਲ Harvey Rosales 1989 Alex Taylor 1982 Corey Rosa 1985لعبة_البوكر_المال_الحقيقي Elliot Carrillo 1990ӑjӑsem Josh Mcclain 1990 Lucas Montgomery 1990 Tyler Fisher 1997አዳዲስ_ግምገማዎች_ይገናኛሉ Bradley Mullins 1987 Brandon Berg 1985រដ្ឋមឆ្អឹងភោជនីយដ្ឋានផ្ទាល់កាស៊ីណូ Josh Carr 1980өlөgnүүdijn Benjamin Suarez 2000 Mohammed Gregory 1985փակել_to_bowie_tx_ես_ուզում Charlie Kemp 1995ਫੇਸਬੁੱਕ_ਦੀ_venezia_ਖੁੱਲ੍ਹਾ Declan Haley 1993үzүү_aspaptyn_үchүn_perforacija Joshua Lyons 1987

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